February 14, 2017

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Tell Me Everything You Don't Remember

Tell Me Everything You Don’t Remember

“TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU DON’T REMEMBER is the stuff of poetry and of nightmares. Stuck in time while reading Kurt Vonnegut’s “Slaughterhouse Five,” writer Christine Hyung-Oak Lee experiences the first symptoms of a massive stroke at age 33. Though most of this time is lost to her, she investigates her broken brain with the help of a journal, beautifully capturing the helplessness, frustration, and comic absurdity (yes, a book about a stroke can be funny!) of navigating life after your world has been torn apart.” (Susannah Cahalan, author of Brain on Fire: My Month of Madness)

“A brave, encouraging, genuine work of healing discovery that shows us the ordinary, daily effort it takes to make a shattered self cohere.” (Floyd Skloot, author of In the Shadow of Memory)

“Christine Hyung Oak-Lee excavates her life with the care of an archeologist in this stunning memoir about suffering a stroke at a young age. Her account is lyrical, honest, darkly comic, surprising, and transcendent in the way it redefines the importance of family history, memory, and what of it we choose to hold with us. A beautiful book.” (Christa Parravani, author of Her: A Memoir)

Kirkus Review says:
“With careful thought and new understanding, the author explores the enduring mind-body connection with herself at the nexus of it all. A fascinating exploration of personal identity from a writer whose body is, thankfully, ‘no longer at war.'”

From Library Journal:
“This absolutely fascinating memoir will give readers a fresh appreciation for the skills we use daily, as well as increased empathy for those going through any kind of recovery.”


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