I’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to write about a TV show. Like, for forever.

And so deep gratitude to Fresh Off the Boat for inspiring me to do so, and to BuzzFeed for the opportunity.

Also, thank you to my boyfriend who watched the show with me, and who was completely okay about being part of this essay on watching Fresh Off the Boat with my (white) boyfriend. For the record, I love the show. It addresses serious matters through humor–and I hope I was able to make serious points through humorous writing, too.

BuzzFeed has amazing editors–this was my second time working with them, and I’m always impressed by the editorial staff and the editorial work they do there. I know that BuzzFeed is best known for their listicles, but they’ve got good writers and good writing over there. Big thanks to BuzzFeed Editor Sandra Allen (who worked with me on my life changing stroke essay for BuzzFeed) for being an always-supportive contact (and now friend), and major thanks to Doree Shafrir for being a good editor to me on the piece.

I DIE: EDDIE HUANG HIMSELF JUST TWEETED ME AND SAID HE LOVED THE ARTICLE. And that O should buy the book. (Well, we should all buy and read his book)