The chickens have begun laying eggs.

One of the highlights of my day is to go out to the coop and discover freshly laid eggs. Sometimes the egg is warm, the heat yet to dissipate. Sometimes I find several eggs nestled in the pine shavings.

I’ve learned many interesting facts about eggs, because Christine: I love obtuse facts. One of the things I did after recovering from my stroke was to study the brain and brain function and learn the biology and science behind what had happened.

Chickens have a 25 hour cycle. They lay an egg every 25 hours. It’s like their period, and they lay an egg whether a rooster is present or not.

Also, the eggs are egg shaped (elliptical but “pointy” on one end) for a reason: as the egg is expelled through the chicken’s body, the egg is shaped by the muscles pushing it along. Yes, the chicken lays the egg flat/round side out, first. The pointy part is expelled last.

And there you have it.

The eggs are delicious.

Also, my toddler refuses to eat eggs. Because she has figured out they are from the chickens. I fear I am raising a vegan.