Month: February 2015

On Watching Fresh Off the Boat With My Man


I’ve always always ALWAYS wanted to write about a TV show. Like, for forever.

And so deep gratitude to Fresh Off the Boat for inspiring me to do so, and to BuzzFeed for the opportunity.

Also, thank you to my boyfriend who watched the show with me, and who was completely okay about being part of this essay on watching Fresh Off the Boat with my (white) boyfriend. For the record, I love the show. It addresses serious matters through humor–and I hope I was able to make serious points through humorous writing, too.

BuzzFeed has amazing editors–this was my second time working with them, and I’m always impressed by the editorial staff and the editorial work they do there. I know that BuzzFeed is best known for their listicles, but they’ve got good writers and good writing over there. Big thanks to BuzzFeed Editor Sandra Allen (who worked with me on my life changing stroke essay for BuzzFeed) for being an always-supportive contact (and now friend), and major thanks to Doree Shafrir for being a good editor to me on the piece.

I DIE: EDDIE HUANG HIMSELF JUST TWEETED ME AND SAID HE LOVED THE ARTICLE. And that O should buy the book. (Well, we should all buy and read his book)

Chickens 2015


The chickens have begun laying eggs.

One of the highlights of my day is to go out to the coop and discover freshly laid eggs. Sometimes the egg is warm, the heat yet to dissipate. Sometimes I find several eggs nestled in the pine shavings.

I’ve learned many interesting facts about eggs, because Christine: I love obtuse facts. One of the things I did after recovering from my stroke was to study the brain and brain function and learn the biology and science behind what had happened.

Chickens have a 25 hour cycle. They lay an egg every 25 hours. It’s like their period, and they lay an egg whether a rooster is present or not.

Also, the eggs are egg shaped (elliptical but “pointy” on one end) for a reason: as the egg is expelled through the chicken’s body, the egg is shaped by the muscles pushing it along. Yes, the chicken lays the egg flat/round side out, first. The pointy part is expelled last.

And there you have it.

The eggs are delicious.

Also, my toddler refuses to eat eggs. Because she has figured out they are from the chickens. I fear I am raising a vegan.


I’m Speaking at Press Publish

Hello, world.

I’m speaking at’s Press Publish conference event on March 28, 2015 in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve never been to Portland–and I have one eye on Voodoo Doughnuts and the other eye on Imperial, because yes, I like to eat. But mostly, I am looking forward to connecting with other bloggers. And meeting conference attendees, and making new connections.

I’ve always had a website since 1993. And I’ve been blogging before a blog was called a “blog.” I’ve been blogging since before WordPress, writing each blog post by hand in HTML. Blogging kept me writing. And in the end, blogging is the core from which I’ve been some great friendships.

To that end, I’ll be talking about comments–and really, the community built around interacting with readers, many of whom have become friends over the years. The talk is entitled “Comments Saved my Life.” Because they did and they have. Literally, after my stroke. And figuratively, because commenters have always supported my writing and my narrative throughout the years.

The full description of my talk is here up at the Press Publish site:

Eight years ago, Christine Lee survived a stroke in part due to the concern of commenters on her anonymous blog, and more recently experienced the comment flood that comes with a post going viral. She’ll talk about online connection and keeping up with comments.

Are you in Portland? Anywhere near Portland? Got a free weekend? Want to meet other WordPress bloggers? Want to know how to make the most of WordPress? Want to hear inspiring speakers talk about their experiences with blogging?  Register for the conference; with it comes a bunch of bonuses, like a premium WordPress upgrade.

And keep up with the happenings around the conference on Press Publish’s blog, natch.